Truly the best natural source of nutrition I have ever found is in the Zija Moringa product line. But more specifically in the SuperMix or Smartmix. There are so many reasons why this is numbero uno in the natural nutritional realm..

And trust me I have searched and searched. I am kinda of a fanatic I suppose but this has helped me to help so many others.

Plz, hang with me here a bit. I think you will be impressed just like we are. If you are truly concerned about your health, keep reading. This is probably the information that you have been desperately searching all over for. I know I was. Or at least in the back of your mind, you knew something like this existed, you just didn’t know where to find it.

Little bout me. .

Hello, my name Joe Leavers, I have 20 yrs. Experience in fitness, weight loss / management, natural health, body building & just Enjoying life! Let me give you some awesome advice today and let it help you to gain & maintain better health through proper natural supplementation. This is my passion to be of help to you today. 🙂 Ready?

I always offer free consultations for life just for taking the time to look over my blog. No matter what your health challenges or goals are, weight loss, general health issues or physical fitness. I can help you out. What’s better than a free health coach?

I am pleased to meet ya. Now let’s get into some of this.

What is this all about exactly? What is in Zija?

Zija is obviously a natural nutrition. But not just that. We are #1 in natural supplementation as we have the most naturally powerful nutrition available and this will never ever be trumped. You see unlike all other low quality synthetic supplements on the market, that your body see’s as being foreign organisms and a threat, which actually burdens the immune system instead of making you healthier.
Zija’s core nutrition comes from Moringa oleifera.
Which has been named the “Miracle Tree”. It is the first and definitely the #1 Moringa company. This nutrition is alive and very good for you! It can be recognized by the body and simulated or absorbed through out where it’s needed most. This is HUGE!

Other companies have tried to bring this to market but, they had 2 major issues they were running into when trying to create this product line or nutritional supplements.

  1. Not damaging the perfect sequence of nutrition.
    Which basically means they were trying to alter the formula in a way they could put a patent on the product. This way they could control the market share and hold rights. Money mongers if you will. They can’t put a patent on a plant, it’s God given and perfect as it is. But if they can alter it a way and slap a name on it. Then they claim it as theirs. This just couldn’t be done. Multiple failures lead them to giving up on the idea.
    *Zija has overcome this and much more. This nutrition is not tampered with at all. Stays natural all the way to your door.
  2. Keeping this plant based “live” nutrition alive all the way to consumer so they could reap the benefits.
    Another obvious issue was how to package this in a way that the shelf-life would be long enough to even market this wonderful plant to the public and all around the world.
    *Zija has a patent on packing that guarantees freshness. Up to a year shelf life! 🙂 Your body will benefit from the nutrients in this plant.

See, you can buy Moringa in health food stores, but here’s the issue. This has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. And is dead crushed up leaves, with no health benefits, bagged and waiting on some “nonknower” to come along and buy it because it’s at a discounted price or cheaper than, well, say Zija.

Not only is this a fraction of what you would need as a month supply. But you have know idea how this was grown, harvested, packaged and shipped! This is just a gross attempt to make a buck on desperate people looking to get the benefits of Moringa if you ask me. And scary.

Why is Moringa so sought after and why is it so special? Moringa Research

Some of the Moringa Health Benefits found in ZijaI’m glad you asked! 😉  I love this question. I’m going to give you some of the highlights of this wonderful discovery and then I’ll show you some proof. Hows a video from the Discovery Channel & a file from the NIH “National Institutes of Health” Government website, sound like trust worthy proof? Sure it is, of course.

Truly complete nutrition from A-Z.
90+ nutrients
18 amino acids including the 8 essential
Omega 3,6,9
36 Natural anti-inflammatory
46 Antioxidants
And much much more.
@ 300+ Your DV of all these nutrients
a full vitamin list is available buy clicking this image.


National Institutes of Health on Moringa Natural Nutrition

Quote from article:

“Each year Earth Day organizers choose a mystery plant that has sources of potentially important medicines. This year’s mystery plant has important medicinal properties. In fact, perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major environmental problems and provide for many unmet human needs. ”       NIH’s take on moringa’s natural nutritional properties

Discovery Channel Documentary on Moringa

Some More Unique Characteristics of Moringa

  • Nick Named “The Miracle Tree”
    Confirmed by The National Institutes of Health to be the most Nutrient dense plant on Earth!
    Which means for us, the most powerful natural supplements available anywhere!
  • 92+ Vitamins & Minerals! At 200-600% Your Daily Value
    See Full Vitamin List Here
    This essentially replaces all your vitamins and will save you a ton of money every single month!
    Contains all of your essential Amino’s, B Vitamins, Omega oils 3,6,9 etc..
    Actually is complete from A-Z!
  • 46 Powerful Antioxidants, 36 Natural Anti-Inflammatory
    Most all disease starts with an inflammation at the cellular level.
    So this really equips the body with some crucial tools.
  • Kosher Certified Organic “Smart Mix”
    Our Main Daily Nutrition
  • Moringa Oleifera Is Recognized By:
    *Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    A review of the nutritional properties to address over 348 known diseases!
    See this review Here
    *National Institutes of Health
    See this review Here

More 3rd party research of Moringa here.

Literally hundreds of organizations have researched the unique nutritional benefits of Moringa.

The USDA, researchers, botanists, nutritional scientists, and our health experts have all put the
Moringa through extensive analysis. The Zija beverages contain the Moringa tree’s most beneficial parts
(leaf, fruit and seed) and deliver full-spectrum nutritional value, along with a
documented 539 medicinal activities (in vitamin list above).

No berry juice or other single plant botanical compares with what Zija’s Moringa beverages have to offer.
Moringa’s effectiveness is known for treating more than 348 conditions and has been heavily utilized in
folk medicine as a general remedy and healing agent to treat a variety of health conditions for centuries.

Ready for a real testimony?

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