Vitamin D Deficiency is Real

I am going to go over the #1 natural source of Vitamin D and how it can help you to overcome a vitamin d deficiency. Over 40% of all Americans they are saying is currently lacking this very important nutrient. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that is provided by sunlight. If someone is vitamin d deficient they are very much at risk of cancer, cardiovascular issues and much much more.

This needs to be taken very seriously for adults and children. I would suggest to use a natural source of vitamin D as our body’s do not like anything that’s synthetic and has major issues absorbing artificial vitamins. Give your body what it recognizes as being food and will absorb and utilize 100%.

Causes of Vitamin D deficiency but not limited to

  1. Not getting enough sun light. All living things need this. Even us. Sun, vitamins/nutrients, water and air. Get off of facebook and go outside all ready. Go for a walk with the dog. This might not completely cure a deficiency but it sure helps and you will feel better if you do.
  2. Not getting it in your food. Your not consuming enough fish, eggs and real dairy. Stop being bothered by the little things when it comes to dinner. Eat fish on a regular basis, even if you don’t like the taste. Your body needs the nutrition is so many ways.
  3. Your digestive track isn’t absorbing well do to other issues of either bad diet or digestive disorder. Sometimes gentle detox teas a couple times a week can help with this issue. Make sure to always eat lots of greens and fruits like apples, every day. This will help keep your intestines empty and make it able to do it’s job easier.

What are some symptoms of low levels of vitamin D and what are some of the health issues this can cause?

Low levels of vitamin D can be extremely life threatening. Here is a list of some things to just be aware of.

  1. Sugar Diabetes – A study in Finland where 10,366 children were given 2000 international units a day of vitamin D3 per day during their first day of life. These children were monitored for 31 years and in all of them, the risk of type 1 diabetes dropped by 80%.
  2. Periodontal disease – Bleeding gums and unexplained soreness in gum tissue could be signs of this. Vitamin D could greatly reduce bacteria in the mouth.
  3. Muscles feeling week and tired – Skeletal muscle depends on vitamin D and this can be the root cause of weak feeling or achy muscle.
  4. CancersGeorgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC discovered that increased doses of the this vitamin were linked to a 75 percent reduction in overall cancer growth in breasts. If it works like this with breast cancer, what is the likeliness that it helps with other cancers and preventatives? Exactly!
  5. Cardiovascular issues & disease – Vitamin D deficiency can cause congestive heart failure. (This is what my mother passed away with 5 years ago. Wish I would of known then what I know now.)
  6. Kidney Health – More and more evidence suggests that Chronic Kidney Disease and many cardiovascular complications may be linked to *hypovitaminosis D which is Vitamin D deficiency. Read more about this at the National Institutes of Health’s site.
  7. Psoriasis – Vitamin d is showing to be very helpful when supplemented. This is why some find some relief also by sun exposure. More research can be found on

Obviously vitamin d deficiency is an issue in today’s society and they are just now starting to realize the imports of getting these levels controlled in a body. Are you 1 of the millions that has low vitamin d? Sorry to say but you probably are. But it’s ok. It’s not to late by any means.

Now is time to take a preventative measure if you aren’t seeing any health issues yet. It’s also a good time to try and move your body towards better health if you are experiencing deficiency of vitamin d and any symptoms associated with it.

Foods high in vitamin D that can help maintain healthy levels

Now this is under the assumption that you are getting high quality food and it’s not depleted of it’s nutrition like modern main stream is. A perfect world would be getting these foods from an organic source.

  1. Fish
  2. Eggs
  3. Milk – Most dairy products are fortified with the vitamin D.
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Tuna
  6. Salami
  7. Sun Light – I know it’s not a food but this is the best way to get vitamin D3. As d3 is only naturally from the sun.

Now there are lot’s of other sources of vitamin D. But these sources is what’s called “artificially fortified” with there vitamins and nutrients. Like cereals or synthetic vitamins. One way of creating this vitamin is by exposing milk directly to UV light.

The best source I have found for an organic source of vitamin D is in Moringa. We feature the #1 source of Moringa products on our home page. This is real natural nutrition that delivers to the cell level and is utilized 100%. There is reviews and videos that I encourage you to take a very close look at if health is a concern to you and your family.

This is very unique nutrition that just works and works very well. Natural occurring Vitamin D is just one of the hundreds of benefits. I believe you will be very impressed with this natural nutrition like we are.

I would suggest using the SuperMix which is 200% more Moringa then the SmartMix or XM+. These two are both great nutritional supplements, I just like more bang for the buck.

If you have children or are pregnant, this is perfectly safe. With my 4 yr old what we do is mix a SuperMix into 20 ounces of spring water and she drinks 2 oz every morning and late afternoon on any empty stomach. This little girl is very healthy and hardly ever even catches the common colds that she is exposed to in church and in public.

You can get a grasp of vitamin d deficiency and live healthier, have more energy and just feel much better. Give this natural supplement a try and watch how great you feel. I would also appreciate if you could swing back and give us a comment report a couple weeks on the Mix.

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