Why is using a natural b12 best for absorption?

B12 helps our bodies in maintaining great natural health by helping with our nervous system, blood and brain health. Also B12 is essential for maintaining every day energy levels. Which is probably why your searching information out today! Excellent, The information we show you on this subject today will change your life forever if you let it.
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Deficiency of vitamin b12 could mean major lack of energy, trouble remembering things and depression can also play into it.

You might of tried getting your B12 from things like 5 hr energy and other energy line and or synthetic products.

But you need to be aware that these vitamins are not natural or organic in any way. The bulk of these artificial drinks get their B vitamins from, your ready for it?, pigs intestines, other dead animals or are synthetically produced in a factory some where.

Sound like a vitamin you want to consume every day or give to your family? Absolutely not, I’m sure.

The best way to supplement B12 is always naturally. Your body needs natural supplements that it can recognize as being a real food for cellular absorption. If you are supplementing Vitamin B-12 and using a store bought synthetic version of the nutrient, chances are you are not absorbing any of the nutrition your truly needing.

When it comes to vitamins, they are all important for the healthy functioning of your body, but B12 may work more importantly than all the others simply because of the importance of its functions throughout your organs, muscles, and bones. B12 works to decrease heart disease risks, produces and protects red blood cells, and gets oxygen moving through the blood to improve overall health and circulation.

As such, it’s important to notice what happens regarding B12 deficiency, and what you can do to avoid it. B12 issues and deficiencies can take a significant toll on the body, and as such, it’s critical to avoid them and be proactive with your health to ensure you don’t have problems.

Here are some Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Symptoms and Treatment in a cool chart

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Symptoms and Treatment chart

Pernicious Anemia

This is a fancy condition that basically involves a lack of protein in your stomach, which, in turn, can affect the B12 absorption in your body. B12 is absorbed through your stomach and when this protein is not available or in not a high enough quality, less B12 is absorbed, and B12 deficiency becomes an issue.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption can lead to a loss of B12 and fewer B12 vitamins being consumed and absorbed, simply due to poor diet and poor calorie intake. The more alcohol that is consumed, the less a person can efficiently produce and absorb B12 in their diets and for their bodies.

Stomach-Thinning Problems

In many older people, the stomach thins naturally over time. When this occurs, it becomes harder for the stomach to absorb B12 and B12 deficiencies abound. This is a natural occurrence, but it further reinforces the need for vitamin consumption and smart B12 usage to ensure good health.

Other Issues, too, of coarse. But you don’t want to be reading all day.

These three issues of course are not the only three issues that affect vitamin absorption and cause B12 deficiency, but they are three of the major ones. Educating your self on the subject is the first perfect step forward.

So… What can we do to avoid B12 Deficiency?

It’s simple – eat! Ok, maybe not that simple, let’s get a little more specific; eating a sensible, sound plant-based diet full of vitamins and minerals like B12 and others can help greatly when it comes to avoiding deficiency problems.

Remember, your body does not produce B12 naturally by itself; as such, it’s critical if we want to avoid B12 deficiency or help our body’s to self-correct, we need to be  doing this by consuming plant-based natural nutrition that your body recognizes as being food.

Now I am not talking about taking a synthetic vitamin from a local store. Synthetics just give your body more toxins to deal with. Putting more of a burden on the body’s immune system then giving the body what it needs to prevent and self-correct.

Doing so will allow you to promote your own good health over time and avoid myriad health issues like this can cause and other problems.

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Time To Wrap It Up

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Vitamin b12 deficiency is real and can be overcome if your noticing symptoms and in my eyes can be prevented. Just like most other issues we face today. Give your body the best natural source of nutrition there is. There is research available. Don’t just trust anything on the market today. Everyone is trying to make a buck. Cheaper is never better in the vitamin and supplement world. And besides, your worth more than that.

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