Stomach aches suck on so many levels and I think it hurts worse when we see our children with a stomach ache. We wish that we could help them and sometimes you probably feel that your hands are kinda tied. We’ll I’m going to show you a couple things that you can have on hand that are absolutely natural stomach ache remedies.

Firstly – Know your stomach

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Know your stomach

First try to realize what caused the belly ache to begin with. Is it a food poisoning of some sort? It could be a virus from a flu. It also could be caused by to much sugar or artificial sweetener.

Colloidal silver Stick with the Sovereign Silver company.
To save you some time I won’t get into understanding 5 natural home remedies for belly achesparts per million on the silver subject. But I’ll promise you this is the best natural antibiotic available and it works very well.

You’ll hear me recommend this for a lot of things. But that’s because Colloidal Silver is as close to a miracle cure for almost everything that I have ever researched and have personally tested. This should be stocked in your house for so many reasons. Like for flu, bacteria infections, virus’s etc. I would suggest buying by the gallon to save money and to buy bulk.

As for the stomach ache remedy. Children 4 and up to about 10. Give a half of teaspoon and hold under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow. A lot of times this alone will work in just minutes. If it persists. This can be given up to 7 times a day. Teens and adults need about a teaspoon and up to 7 times a day as needed. This works miracles on food poisoning induced sickness.

Bam! This is what I do all the time and it always works. But I’m gonna give you some more – just cause. 🙂

Ginger A natural Ginger tea has lot’s of health benefits and can help sooth the gut pain. Even just eating on some dry Ginger will be effective in curing the stomach pain.

Ginger ale never helped me much or my kids and I wonder if it’s due to the mass amount of sugars and the fact that the nutrition in the ginger is probably not live.

Apple Cider Vinegar Another one of my favorites that can be recommended for literally hundreds of things. Have it, stock it and use it. You will love it. Only organic vinegar with live ‘Mother works tho for all these reason. It’s live nutrition. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is the best in our opinion.

This could be mixed in Lemon water (couple teaspoons) for children or adults who can’t get paste the taste. Maybe even cranberry juice would be a good mixture. It is strong. But it’s a good thing. I just use a shot glass and follow with a glass of spring water. This works very quickly to kill virus or bacteria in the stomach.

Baking Soda Using a natural like Arm & Hammer baking soda is the same as using a Tums or Rolaids minus the other unnatural ingredients of coarse. Just mix with a warm glass of water. About a Teaspoon or so is all that is needed. This works well if the belly ache is due to indigestion and or heart burn. This also is giving other health benefits like oxidizing the body and to help balance pH.

Lot’s of Water Not enough water can very well be the reason you are having pain to begin with. The body really does need lot’s of good water. This is not tap water I am referring to. Tap water is filled with chemicals and metals. Avoid drinking tap water at all costs. Drink good spring water. Not distilled either as this can mess with the body’s pH.

What to do after the stomach ache is cured

Now after we over come the belly ache focus on getting plenty of good bacteria today and every day. This can be done with a really good natural yogurt like Stony Field’s organic. Not all yogurt are created equal and some are full of crap. So read the labels!

If you can add to this list please do! Leave it in the comments below.

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