Better health steps you can take when fighting off a cold, flu etc

1. Increase water and orange juice intake. Obviously, right? Make sure to do it.

2. Colloidal silver 3 to 5 times a day.

3. Vitamin C powder to be added to shot of O.J. About 3000 to 5000 mg. This should be done at least 5 to 10 times a day. Lot’s of vitamin C is very good for you and very powerful as a cure. There is no such thing as over dosing on a vitamin so stop that thinking right now. C is water soluble this is why we need to take it as frequently as possible especially when we are sick.

4. Probiotics

5. Apple cider vinegar

6. Extra Vitamin D3 about 5,000 iu a day and 7-10 if your fighting something off.
(take with a source of vitamin k)

7. Lot’s of veggie nutrition. We use the Zija for this.

8. Fruit smoothies help a lot with energy and healing quickly.

9. Green teas – organic. This helps greatly in detoxing which we need to always be thinking about as well.

Other things needed for gaining optimal health

Lot’s of sunshine. D3 is very important for the body to be healthy. This is just as important as getting healthy foods and clean water!

Garlic is extremely healthy for many reasons for everyone. But for instance, it greatly benefits heart and prostate health. If you know of someone with prostate issues tell the to use powerful garlic and also Saw Palmetto. It works very well together.

Exercise of coarse. But not just slight walking here folks. Raise your heart rate at least 5 times a week and for at least 20 to 40 minutes to really start reaping some benefits. This works wonders if your having bloating or constipation.

Try to eat as organic as possible and read all ingredient lists.

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup and all other GMO’s.

Avoid sugars and artificial sugars of all kinds. This means NO pop or soda. This is absolutely cancer in a can and if your not going to avoid this then you met as well scratch the whole idea of trying to gain better health all together. As this alone will ruin everything! Promise you.

I said this once before but, avoid tap water. Don’t drink. Filter shower water and boil any that you are going to cook with.

No trash table salt and always be conscious of things daily you can do to be always detoxing.

Try an avoid wheat and gluten. Use whole grains when at all possible. We are trying to prevent and cure wheat gut which makes us feel bloated and keeps our intestines from working really well.

Lot’s or organic juices and smoothies when you can. Especially in the morning. This is when we do our Zija and other vitamins. Sometimes smoothies in the afternoons are awesome pick me ups!

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