Some other beneficial steps to better health

better health 5 steps

1. Once to twice a week take about a dropper full of Colloidal silver. We use Sovereign Silver brand for many reasons. Hold under your tongue for at least 30 seconds for best absorption then swallow. Sovereign is the safest and most popular silver on the market. Don’t trust another.

What this is a natural anti-biotic that our bodies will never grow a resistance to. It can probably cure just about anything. From colds and flu to bacteria infections and much much more. Taking a small maintenance amount helps the immune system to combat the virus’s and micro bacteria we are exposed to every day.

This can be greatly increased when you are fighting something off and is very safe for children and seniors as well. Take it as needed.

Sovereign silver works immediately on food poisoning and things like that. Take a whole teaspoon. If still an issue after a couple hours take one more. I bet it takes care of it!

Works awesome on any skin irritation to. Like ringworm, acne, yeast, athletes foot, and the list goes on.

Also, it’s awesome for tooth or gum infections. Swish and hold on infected area couple to few times a day and see if your not thrilled with the results.

Use for ear infections as well.

2. Intestinal health is extremely important. So there is a great need for powerful pro-biotics in all of our diets. You can get yours by eating organic Stonyfield yogurts. We do this as well as use pro-biotic capsules. We will actually open one of these up and mix in with my daughters yogurt. Also, you can get Kefir grains and grow/harvest your on pro-biotics.We get ours from the “Kefir lady” here in Ohio.

3. Lot’s of spring water. Find a good source for spring water and ask them if the bottles are BPA free. Luckily we have a local company that uses BPA fee bottles and they test the water frequently for impurities and nutrient levels.

Avoid fluoridated and chemical filled tap water! In short, these things can totally destroy our heart and thyroid health. I will write in more details on this subject sometime soon to save space.

4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to help guard and rebuild heart health and to protect the body from disease.

Make sure it’s organic and “with mother”. This is important as the enzymes is alive and it provides the benefits were looking for. Better health is sometimes what Grandma passes down and this is one of them golden nuggets.

My wife likes to mix a shot of this in lemon water. I take it like a man! But I also follow it with a glass of water while holding my breath and hovering over the sink at the same time. This stuff is gross to me but I know that it works so I use it. About 5 times a week or every other day. Every day if your fighting any type of ailment.

This is an old very well known remedy and is used to treat so many different things. Our grandparents will tell you it’s the cure all! So have it in your house and use it.

5. Himalayan salt instead of any table salt. This salt has many minerals and is very healthy for us. Did you know in the 70’s there was reports going around suggesting good salts helped the body to fight disease and cancer.

Cancer is ultimately a live fungus. So we want to keep focused on anti-fungal and anti-bacterial right!? And also keeping the body balanced and having healthy pH levels. Which means low acidity in the blood and high oxygen.

You can get test strips that tests the bodies pH levels. Ideal for better health is 7.3 and up.

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