Another thing I do is keep a pack in my wife’s purse or in my pocket for emergencies.

This stuff is a natural cure for heart burn that works immediately.

It helps immediately with any indigestion issues or upset stomach.

I eat it dry to stop and heal heartburn right away. It works every time.

The girls start having any type of belly ache etc, they ask us for it and just eat right out of the pack. It literally works every time.

This is just some of the things we use Zija every day for.

Now a couple other things I like to add into our Zija and why

Bentonite clay – I use about half a teaspoon for our teens and us. My littlest gets less than a third. You could go more if you’d like.

This benefits our health by helping to detox the body from toxins and metals. We use clay from Redmond for many reasons. You can see more details on the benefits of Bentonite clay here.

Diatomaceous earth – This is also a powder like the clay but this is mostly natural silica and has powerful detoxing properties as well as other things to help better our health.

For instance, my wife swears that this and the coconut oil pulling is what has cured her chronic sinus issues that she had dealt with for quite some time.

This same as the clay above as far as dose. But yet again. You can take more if you feel that you need it. It won’t do anything more than benefit your health.

Vitamin D3 – The better health super nutrient from the sun! We are all very deficient in this and you could go take a blood test to prove this to yourself.

This needs to be taken with vitamin K to be fully absorbed. If not, your just wasting it. This is the reason we take with Zija but you could take it after eating some greens that have contain K.

Make sure it’s a liquid form of D3. Gel caps are fine for those in your family who can swallow pills. We use about 3,000 IU a day taken with Zija. My 6 yr old we have found liquid dropper bottles of D3 and it’s perfect to drip her “potion”. (As she calls it) 😉

We also increase the amount of D3 and vitamin C to a few times a day if anyone is trying to keep off a cold or flu.

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