I have learned quite a few things over our years of wanting answers to better health and I think this will be very helpful for you as well.

This info will absolutely change your life if you let it.

I’m gonna give you some things we do every day and explain why we do them. And I am also going to go over things we avoid and why we strive to avoid them.

First let me help you understand something quick. Foods, as in fresh healthy foods. Like vegetables and fruits etc. Deliver nutrition and vitamins to the cell’s and gives the body what it needs to work, heal, grow, rebuild and are absolutely essential if you want to gain better health.

We all understand this right? OK, cool.

Now knowing this, take into consideration that ALL disease starts with an inflammation at the cell level. This is completely accurate.

So if we want to gain better health and maintain it. We have to keep this in the forefront of our daily thinking.

Potent Core Nutrition for Better Health

path for better healthOne of the supplements that we use every day has 36 natural plant based anti-inflammatories. This is found in Zija. It also has a total of 92 verifiable nutrients. It has all the omega’s like 3,6,9, it contains all the B vitamins, all the essential amino acids and even contains 46 natural antioxidants! This is awesome news when we are trying to keep cell health and structure under control. Right?

Now the cost of this is absolutely the cheapest way to get this amount of nutrition my whole family needs. We used to literally have dozens of different bottles in the vitamin cabinet. And this has virtually replaced all of it at a fraction of the price. Good news here folks.

This comes in small packets and is to be added to water and should be drank every morning. But, my littlest daughter doesn’t like it that way. She prefers have a pack in the bottom of a glass then she just mixes in a little water and makes it into her “potion”. She just turned 6 so I let her do what ever she wants with it as long as I can get it in her! You know, you know…

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