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Review of Zija’s GenM Skin Care Products – Truly Unique

review zija oil

Zija Oil

This is something that is in every bathroom cabinet and in the ladies purses. Works great for so many things and great to have for children. This all-natural restorative oil is powerful and perfect for everyday use. Zija Oil features organic cold-pressed, extra virgin plant oils, which are highly valued in the cosmetic industry for their exceptional anti-aging properties. The antioxidants and the nutrients present in this oil blend help curb the damage free radicals can have on your skin. Combined with a proprietary mix of Moringa and essential oils, our Zija Oil is rich in palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic acids and vitamins A and C. This oil keeps skin healthy and glowing and has excellent moisturizing, nourishing, and medicinal qualities. Zija Oil is suitable for all skin types.


review zija face Cleanser

Creamy Face Cleanser

Creamy Face Cleanser is a gentle, everyday cleanser that is effective as a makeup remover and shave cream. This cleanser will massage away dead skin cells, remove excess dirt and oil, and will leave your skin feeling vibrant. Non-drying Creamy Face Cleanser restores balance, elasticity and tone.

This Moringa-infused, sulfate-free product cleanses and restores your natural lipids. After washing your face, the combination of plant extracts and desert flower elixir replenish the lipid content and moisture, which sulfated products can strip away. Non-irritating Creamy Face Cleanser uses a unique olive foaming cleanser called Tensolive, which gently washes your face. There are no artificial colors, fragrances or additives in this plant-based cleanser. Creamy Face Cleanser is suitable for all skin types.


review zija rehydrating Mist

Rehydrating Mist

This all-natural mist will plump and rehydrate your face and body. Rehydrating Mist is an ideal daily moisturizing product. This “feel good” product is not only refreshing on a hot day, but is also rich in plant ingredients, including Moringa, which give your skin on-the-spot nourishment and moisture. Rehydrating Mist gives you a quick shot of vitamins, amino acid peptides and trace minerals to revitalize you in an instant. Rehydrating Mist is suitable for all skin types.


review zijas daily Moisturizer

Daily Moisturizer

The silky, light, and quick-absorbing Daily Moisturizer is designed to protect your skin from the harsh realities of the world we live in. The unique combination of antioxidant properties and Moringa serve to replenish the skin’s moisture balance while guarding against free radicals and environmental pollutants. Daily Moisturizer is suitable for all skin types.


review zijas night Repair

Anti-Aging Night Repair

Formulated with moisturizing herbs and essential oils that will drench your skin, our night repair product relaxes fine lines with a Botox-like active called Snowflake. We have incorporated peptide complexes that promote cell turnover rate and enhance collagen production for more youthful looking skin. Another cutting-edge active called Phase2 Rx helps up-regulate your phase 2-enzyme system, which directly reduces erythema to protect skin from sunlight damage, environmental pollutants and oxidative stress. The list of amazing active ingredients continues with Commiphora mukul extract called Redensin. Redensin comes from India, and uses a patented, vectorized technology to fill in wrinkled areas of the forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines, hollowed areas beneath cheekbones and around the mouth. The Anti-aging product also has a concentrated pumpkin extract in seawater called Ocaline that will take away the reddening of the face, revealing a more natural glow. Natural bamboo silk is another unique ingredient that gives a smooth, natural feel. Anti-Aging Night Repair formula incorporates both a plant-based infusion and Beauty Oil for a boost in antioxidant and essential fatty acid levels to protect and moisturize your skin all night. Anti-Aging Night Repair is suitable for all skin types.


review zijas eye Serum

Eye Serum

Formulated to reduce redness, puffiness, and dark circles, as well as firming the under-eye area, this refreshing Eye Serum is filled with Moringa and active ingredients to moisturize, soothe and strengthen the delicate tissue around the eyes. Upon application, these ingredients begin to repair, protect, and diminish signs of aging. Eye Serum is suitable for all skin types.


review zijas spa masque

Spa Masque

Zija’s Spa Masque pore refiner lifts and removes unwanted debris and dead skin cells. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this all-natural formula is created from a proprietary blend of the nutrient-rich Moringa plant extract and green clay found off the coast of Normandy, France. Green clay is rich in sea kelp, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and other phytominerals needed for balanced and healthy skin. This clay and Moringa-based combination removes impurities of the skin by absorbing excess oil, while clarifying and toning the skin, leaving it with a rich, smooth feel. Spa Masque is suitable for all skin types.



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