These are products we use daily to maintain better health.

I would not put something on this page that I wouldn’t recommend to my own family members. If you have any questions on anything on this page contact me above. We have searched the internet for the best pricing for you.

The Zija products are absolutely amazing and have done wonders for me and my family. If you would like to see my wife’s experience with this nutrition and why we will use these products for the rest of out lives click home at top of page.

Our goal is to get nutrition in and the toxins, metals and all trash out! We want to heal naturally and  or prevent from getting sick to begin with. We also do this by balancing the body’s PH. This way cancer can’t survive in our bodies.

Natural whole food supplements

Moringa based products. Moringa has 90+ vitamins and minerals all in one source. Up to 1200% our daily value! You name it. It’s in it. Even all the Omega’s so through those nasty fish oils caps out. They are stale and rancid anyhow. This is why you taste it hours after consumption. They do nothing positive for our health.

You can learn bout Zija’s content.

My family and I use the Super Mix. It is double the strength as the Smart Mix. Your body recognizes this nutrition as food. Because it hasn’t been engineered in a factory with synthetics. It is a plant and packaged in a way that offers amazing shelf life.

Live nutrition is key!

We also use the Zija detox tea on a pretty regular basis as well. I use the Zija oil on all skin irritations etc. All the products here are amazing and offer a variety help to our health.



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Natural Detoxing with Redmond Clay products

I could talk about the importance of this all day long. You absolutely need to be focused on removing metals and all other toxins on a daily basis.

We are exposed to so much daily in our food in our water and the air we breath.

Redmond Clay products is a very powerful and natural way of detoxing the body naturally from toxins and metals. This ultimately is Bentonite clay or aged volcanic ash and has tons of health benefits.

Learn more about Bentonite Clay here

They also have other products like tooth paste that we use as well.

This is an essential part of our regimen in our home. Even helps expels toxic radiation from the thyroid. We add this to juice and spring water. Just stir in a teaspoon and you have a very easy and convenient way to rid toxins. This also has many many other health benefits.

You can learn more on Redmond Clay and view testimonies by clicking here.

I drink this twice a day and sometimes more if I’m feeling like I need it. We even use it in our bath water.

I suggest you get this in bulk. Simply because you save money this way and a tub will last your family a long time.

This is the one we use and have on stock in our home.

redmond clay 6 lb


Order 6 pound bulk tub




Smaller amount here.


.Other Redmond products we use.

Tooth paste for healing the gums and removing toxins and metals.


Natural AntiBiotics – There really is only just 1

I stock this in our home and use this almost daily. Safe for anyone of any age.

I only recommend this one type of silver. Because silver can be poorly made.
This company stands above the rest when it comes to quality. I trust this Brand to be the strongest, safest and most effective Silver on the market.

Colloidal silver has been used for ages. Works for so many things.

  1. Ringworms or pretty much any skin issues like blackheads, pimples, infections of any sort.
  2. Flu’s or sicknesses. Fights against and destroys almost all types of virus’s and bacterias.
  3. Food poisoning
  4. Athlete’s foot or jock itch
  5. Much much more . . . (post coming soon)

This is the bottle we use daily. But we get it by the gallon and just refill this one. it is good to have this on hand just in case of any serious out breaks etc..

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