Natural AntibioticsHerbal medicines has always been the answer to killing superbugs, viruses etc. Having some if not all of these 10 natural antibiotics on hand will be very beneficial for you and your family!

Colloidal silver – This is our families favorite here. This works on pretty much anything you throw at it. From colds, flu, all skin irritations and much more. See which silver is the best on the products page at the top of site.

Honey – Is a very powerful natural antibiotic and natural sweetener. For many reasons this needs to be raw honey from a local farm. Ask to make sure the honey has never been heated as this kills the natural enzymes that makes raw honey so amazing and helpful.

Garlic Has been used for thousands of years and is still used today. Make sure you and your family is getting enough of this. I had a friend who said this was the answer to the prostate problems he was having. I know he was taking a powerful garlic supplement and eating full organic cloves as well to get this benefit.

Oil of Oregano – Awesome essential oil. Has bacteria killing properties, and can control and help with things like staph infections or MRSA. In 2001 there was a Georgetown University study which states that oregano oil’s germ-killing power was almost as effective as most all antibiotics.

Tea tree oil – This is another one that my family uses and we are quite fond of! We use this for so many skin irritations. Bug bites, acne, ringworm and much more. (colloidal silver I think is best for these things tho) This also can kill antibiotic resistant MRSA skin.

Olive leaf extract Another very helpful one for fighting bacteria resistant infections on the skin.

Echinacea Folks use this for colds and the flu but was used in the past for things like open cuts etc. My family loves this and we get ours in tea.

Goldenseal American Indians used this as a medicine for inflamed internal conditions caused by allergies for things such as for respiratory, stomach and intestines.

Bentonite Clay – The benefits to this is almost endless. From detoxing the body from metals and toxins and meds to burns, insect bits and skin cleansing. For instance like dark circles around the eyes. I put a teaspoon of this in lemonade about 4 times a week and am reaping noticeable benefits from this all the time. The best source for this and best price is listed above in the products page. 

Turmeric This is a Chinese medicine fav as a natural antibiotic. Turmeric is very effective at defeating bacterial infections.

Pretty awesome list to get you started stocking up on your families natural medicine cabinet!

I’ll tell ya the 3 my family has stocked up on is the Colloidal silver, tea tree oil and Bentonite clay. We use these 3 all the time. This is my experience with what works.

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