Sounds like life style changes need to be implemented and stuck with? What I have seen help dramatically with diabetes and weight loss is a couple things. The meds the doctor will adjust as he gets healthier if you can get him to follow a few things. I’m going to give you couple things you can focus on now.
  1. Liver detox – Gentle detoxing with juicing greens etc. The liver should be thought about every day. This gets clogged up with processed junk and chemicals and haults the bodies naturally ability to detox properly and control weight. Do a little research on gently detoxing liver. Juicing dark greens.
  2. Organic apples – like 3+ a day, every day.
  3. Natural plant based multivitamin and a sea kelp for iodine/thyroid health.
Without going into details. I have seen folks beat onset diabetes with just these few things above and making that life style change permanent. What I would like you to add if he would is a teaspoon of organic compressed coconut. Twice a day on a fairly empty stomach. This does so much for so many things. And helps with digestive health greatly.
Now you can take this and dig deeper. But this is a great place to start. And WILL change your lives if you let it.

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