kissingOk so I know there’s way too much information out there on how to lose weight and get healthy. It can get overwhelming with all the fancy diet names, the best workouts, the expensive gyms, and weird fitness gadgets.

Really, it seems to me that all of this information will backfire in getting people motivated. I see how it can just be easier to not try than to have to spend time to sift through everything to figure out what will really work for you. This post is a guideline on how to keep it simple and get started right. I’m calling it

Now don’t get the wrong idea. Kissing stands for Keeping It Simple and Sweaty.

You should now know you need to change your perspective and get a higher sense of self worth in order to get motivated to make better lifestyle choices. If you don’t know this, go read my first 2 posts; I’m Fat and What Is Love.

So the first step is to change your thought process. It’s a mental action. Think positive about yourself and refuse to think otherwise. Choose to fight for control over your mind. There’s not room for both damaging negative self talk and motivating encouraging thoughts. One must go and one will stay.

Next step is a physical action. It involves moving! You had to know this one was coming. After all, I am a seasoned Fitness Instructor and I could talk all day about the importance of moving with purpose. So here’s what’s going to surprise you, especially coming from me; forget about the diet and food part until you get a regular exercise routine.

Remember, we are here. It’s about simplicity. The change in eating habits will come much easier later on if you focus on one thing at a time. First, you mentally prepare. Then, you physically move. Studies have proven that once an exercise routine is established, healthier eating choices become a desire instead of a demand.

Also, when you exercise more you decrease the stress hormones and increase the mood enhancing endorphins. This will obviously help you with that first challenge of improving your mind. So it becomes a healthier cycle in your life.

Think better of yourself to get started and then begin a daily exercise routine. As a result of exercise you increase the hormones that will actually help you win the battle for a more positive mind. Then, as your increase your positive mindset, you’ll find exercise is easier to do. It’s a win-win situation!

Now look, when I talk about exercising, I always get excuses. You don’t have time, you don’t belong to the gym, you don’t feel good, you never see results, and you don’t like it…blah blah blah. Stop it! Remember to think differently!

You can walk up and down your steps at home for 10 minutes. If you don’t exercise at all right now, start with setting a timer for 10 minutes. Put some fast paced music on and just walk up and down your stairs for the entire time. Try speeding it up a bit, skipping a step or 2, and include the basement steps. Please just be safe first.

Your heart rate will increase, your breathing will become heavier, and exercise will happen. You are and you are taking a step (literally) in the right direction.

Do this every day in order to develop new habits. Increase your time by a few minutes regularly.

Maybe that sounds monotonous or hard on your knees. That’s fine. Get outside and do a fast-paced 10-30 minute walk. Slowly increase the pace and the time. Always shoot to feel challenged and uncomfortable, like you are exerting extra effort. Sweating is a good indication you are doing it right.

Put your exercise intentions on paper in pen. Write it down where you’ll be reminded of it throughout the day and don’t sit down for the day until it’s crossed off. It takes effort and determination to begin to develop new habits.

Getting started and staying committed is the hardest part. Just commit to doing purposeful physical activity for 10-30 minutes a day for the next 7 days. Doesn’t that sound simple enough? At the end of the 7 days make another commitment for 7 days.

Short term commitments and goals are the ticket to developing long term habits. Eventually your exercise routine will become something you actually look forward to.

Whatever you do, just remember the acronym. Keeping It Simple and Sweaty is the best way to start.

Remember to forget yesterday’s failures and don’t think about tomorrow. You only have to live life well today. Tomorrow belongs to God, not you.

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