Here Is a Little Insight That I Have Noticed About “Fibromyalgia”

So what Is Fibromyalgia? Is fibro real and why is it that for ages upon ages, years upon years, no one had full body pain as they people are experiencing now (women especially) with pain associated with Fibromyalgia symptoms? What causes this evil disease and is Fibro even real?

Here is what science says Fibromyalgia is by Wiki.

Well, let me give you my take on this and just what I have seen over the last 20 years in nutrition and wellness. I am going to give you my opinion on what I believe causes Fibro and what you can do to remove the pain associated with this monster.

What I feel or my personal opinion of what fibromyalgia is & what causes it in a body

High fructose corn syrup or HFCS. You see after much digging and questioning some of the smartest nutritional brains and a food formulator. I have learned that HFCS is very difficult for the body to remove. This artificial sugar replacement saves big corporates lots of money and makes a healthy body hindered as it tries to process this weird toxin.

What It does is coats the body’s cells and nerve endings like a liquid plastic. Imagine this if you would. You have a candle burning right? The candle burns for a while and you accumulate some liquid wax. If you where to dump this wax over, say some cheerios and then let it cool. How difficult would it be after the wax cools for you to remove the wax from the cheerios? It would be extremely difficult. Hence the reason why people can’t see any end in sight when it comes to Fibromyalgia. These nerve endings are constantly firing and are inflamed due to the toxic coating.

What Doctors do is try to treat the symptoms. Period. That’s it. They do not know how to rid the body of foreign toxins and they will probably never consider this theory either. They normally do not know anything about nutrition, detoxing or the importance of plant based nutrition. That is unless it’s something their passionate about.

Also, most physicians don’t consider this to be the reasoning cause no one has introduced this idea to them. They are only going to suggest to a patient what the FDA and their newsletters suggest.

So ask yourself what is big pharma going to suggest? What are they going to do for you? That’s right! Treat the symptoms with a medication. And you are suppose to take this every day for the rest of your life?

No cures, just masking what’s really going on and then possibly causing other issues in the body. What do you think this does to the body’s kidneys and liver?

This causes a huge burden on the body and it will eventually lose this battle. It has to.

What I have seen as a possible natural remedy for fibromyalgia symptoms or pain is plant based natural nutrition in and toxins out

Moringa oleifera as an all natural supplement.Fibromyalgia relief

The Moringa that’s in the Smartmix or the Supermix (200% more Moringa) that is featured here. Now lets see why this is so good for the body and what tools is it actually providing.

  • Kosher Certified Organic
  • Produced from the most powerful nutrition on the planet. See research.
  • 36 Natural Anti-Inflmmatories. This is huge news. Greatly reduces or eliminates pain due to inflammation.
  • 90+ vitamins nutrients. 42 Antioxidants. 100% Absorbed at the cell level! This is where nutrition is suppose to go.
  • Holds Paten on formula and packaging. Tastes amazing!
    *This is unique because there is very little nutrient loss and the shelf life is clear up to a year! (Other Moringa products are going to be nutrient deficient because food starts loosing it’s nutritional density with in days of being harvested.)
  • Absolute satisfaction guarantee! If you try a month supply and don’t love the results. You get 100% reimbursed. There is no risk. This just works.

This nutrition is very unique as it is, by far, the most powerful natural supplements available today. We are seeing testimonies where folks are feeling a difference in as little as 4 days with either of these core nutritions.

So is fibromyalgia real? It is. But in my opinion it can be removed or detoxed out of the system and also prevented.

Let me break it down a little for you this way

Some steps that I think are crucial for helping with fibromyalgia symptoms and why.

  • Natural and truly complete nutrition that is taken first thing in the morning (because it makes for best absorption). This should be taken with vitamin D3, maybe 3000 to 5000 IU daily (some say more) Always check with your doctor to see just how deficient you are in D3, Most everyone is at some degree of deficiency and should supplement d3. Make sure to get on a high quality D3. They should be small gel caps, again for best absorption.
  • An all natural plant based anti-inflammatory and a potent anti-oxidant daily. Which the core daily supplements that is featured on our home page has 90+ total nutrients, 36 anti-inflammatory and 46 anti-oxidants all naturally occurring and our bodies recognize this as being food and it greatly increases absorption rates (yet again). Some speculate that absorption might be as high as 100%.

This nutrition that is used to create our natural supplements is derived from the most nutrient dense botanical on the planet and has been studied by dozens of organizations like the National Institutes of Health, John Hopkins School of Medicine and many many others. Reports from some the research can be downloaded or viewed at

So now our bodies are receiving an excellent source of natural nutrition daily and D3, giving our bodies the tools it needs to be healthy and to start down the right path. Also, the body is reaping the benefits from the 36 anti-inflammatory (most all diseases starts with a inflammation at the cells) which helps to stop and alleviate pain. 46 Antioxidants. Which greatly assists in ridding the body of toxins from the cells. Which is possibly the cause of all fibromyalgia pain symptoms.

  • Now what should be done is to gently detox the body to assist the organs in removing the toxins so it doesn’t store them in things like the kidneys and liver. We also feature a perfect, great tasting “natural” premium detox tea just for this reason. To do this the tea should be used 2 to 3 times a week before bed. The body will move toxins while you sleep so it can gently dispose of them in the morning. Be sure to start this easily. Only steep the tea bag for a couple of minutes the first few times till you get used to the effects. Nothing threatening here, but detoxing is real and sometimes can surprise you how quickly the body can react. Which is a good thing. Trust me. 🙂

Side not I should make a point of. If your a preferred customer you can and will save from 15% to 18% on your auto-ship orders. This can be set up from the order any order page. I would like to say mention to, when your feeling better do not stop taking the core nutrition. SmarMix. This nutrition is giving your body more tools to help you be gain and maintain great health that stopping this could lead to your body turning back the same direction it was on before. So folks think they feel better so they don’t need the nutrition anymore and that is so far from the truth. We definitely need these natural supplements every day of our lives and so does the people we love.

So what is fibromyalgia?
Something I truly believe can be dealt with all naturally with very quick results. If you ever have any questions along your journey to taking back control of your health. Please, contact us and let us try to be of some help. Consultations are always free. We really do care what your going through.

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