im fat motivationalAs a Fitness Instructor for over a decade I have learned a lot about women and the way they see themselves and it’s not a good thing. Women everywhere desire to have the perfect body, the perfect look, and to really just like themselves.

I love to help other women like and appreciate who they are and to stop focusing on who they aren’t. The amount of times I hear women bashing their own beautiful bodies is countless and it’s very sad to see so many being so hard on themselves.

One thing I will always stop and correct is someone saying “I AM FAT.” I can’t stand this phrase and it’s said so often everywhere I go. No one even thinks twice about the damage they are causing to them self or those who hear it with this phrase.

I am here to tell all you that you ARE not fat! Fat is something you possess. It does not make up who or what you ARE. You also possess fingernails, muscles, blood and lots of other body parts that God gave you. You ARE so much more than the things you posses!

The better way would be to say something like “I have too much fat.” You see, just by changing the way you look at the extra fat you possess will help to motivate you in doing something about it. It changes your perspective and the way you see yourself.

Who you are will never be measured by a number on a scale, a size of clothing, or the amount of fat you have. Your worth is already determined by our God who created you to be like Him. You have to stop seeing yourself according to the world’s standards of beauty and start loving yourself for who you are on the inside.

Health and wellness always begin in our mind and Spirit and work its way outward. If you start exercising and dieting because you desire to achieve a certain look so you can be happier, it is a sure way to set yourself up to fail. You have to think differently and get a better perspective. When you change the way you think, you can then begin to change your life.

We all know that being healthy isn’t just exercise and diet. It’s a full lifestyle change that comes with a positive outlook on life and having a better sense of self worth.

I’m here to tell all you women, girls and males, to stop all body bashing and comparing yourself to others! Take control of those negative thoughts and choose to begin to tell yourself “I AM NOT FAT” I JUST HAVE EXTRA FAT” I suggest writing these words out, or other positive phrases, and placing them on mirrors so when you see your reflection you remember to forget that harmful phrase you think and say to yourself and others way too much.

Do you know what the great thing is about HAVING extra fat? You can always find ways to get rid of it! Do you know what the worst thing is about BEING so fat?

It’s so much harder to stop being something than it is to stop having something.

Change your perspective, change your life. Live Life Well.

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