Getting motivated to improve your health is a necessary part of living life well. Most people understand this concept.

When I talk about health it encompasses all aspects. Being healthy includes your spiritual relationship with God, your positive mindset along with your emotional well-being, and your physical body. If one is diseased or lacking maintenance the whole system will be unstable.

Now Let’s get motivated

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Faith First

Physical health begins and thrives in a healthy spirit and mind. A healthy living Spirit comes only from a personal relationship with our Creator God through His Son Jesus Christ.

To live and strive to improve yourself physically just for the here and now is empty. It isn’t purposeful enough and will usually lead to either repeated failures or to being so over consumed with physical health and fitness that other relationships in your life will suffer and possibly fail. It’s unbalanced. I’ve personally witnessed this too many times.

Your motivation for better health needs to have the biggest purpose you can find. It needs to go far deeper than your flesh. Don’t do it for your selfish vain reasons. It’s not big enough and doesn’t have lasting power.

My personal reason for always striving to stay healthy and prevent disease is because I see my body as a gift and a blessing, not a burden. God created these flesh and bones for His Holy Spirit to live and dwell in. I am simply one body that is part of a much bigger body. If one part of your body isn’t working properly than the whole body will be held back.

1Cor 6:19 tells us our body is not our own. It belongs to God, not me!

So, if I don’t take care of God’s body then who will? I certainly will have a much harder time fulfilling God’s purposes if I’m always sick and tired and not properly fueling it. Yes, it’s just my temporary home, but shouldn’t where you live function as well as you can possibly make it?

Your house doesn’t just clean and maintain itself, although that would be totally AWESOME! So you can’t just neglect to properly maintain your body and then expect that it will still serve God and others well. No, it needs someone who owns it to give consistent effort, sacrifice time, and to work hard so it’ll function better.

If you are a saved Christian then you must think of your physical body as the place where God lives. If you are the keeper of God’s house, shouldn’t you do everything you can to make it a place worth living in?

Your body and your literal house are both very important to regularly maintain to keep clean and organized so they function properly. If you take care of your body then the job of taking care of your house and family becomes much easier and lighter.

Physical Fitnessrelentless forward progress

Health is not ever a number, so don’t use any size of clothes
or digits on a scale as a goal. Health doesn’t even have a finish line because there’s always room to do better.

Your health goals should always simply be consistent forward progress.

I have a lot to write on this topic but I’ll save it for another post. The point is that you must get moving on purpose in order to live with purpose. If you don’t live with purpose and meaning then you are just simply existing and don’t know what it is to truly live. There’s more to life and you’re missing out!

To learn more practical tips on the best ways to just get started, read my post entitled Kissing

Now clean up your mind. Take out the mental fat!

Here’s the cool thing! Once you begin to exercise your brain will produce these little things called endorphins. Do you know what endorphins do? They help you feel happier, think well, and have more energy. Hmmm it’s almost like God created us to MOVE with purpose. The more we move, the better we feel and the stronger we become.

If you have an unhealthy mindset your thoughts will be full of negative junk, self damaging trash, and unwanted stuff. Your emotions will be unbalanced and your actions will follow those emotions. It’s kind of like having extra fat and carrying extra weight in your thought life. Having extra physical fat is dangerous and unhealthy and so is having extra mental fat. It weighs a lot and will deplete you of energy and motivation.

Choose to eliminate the negative phrases and thoughts. Thinking things like I don’t want to, I can’t, I hate, I’ll never be able to, I’m not good enough, or it’s too hard are just going to keep you stuck in the rut you need to dig out of.

“You must change your mind to change your life”

A positive and uplifting mindset will bring about improvements in motivating yourself to better your health. Begin to think, say, and write things like; Yes, I can, I love, I’m blessed, I’m able, I’m valuable, I will, etc. You get the point. You have to choose to overcome being overwhelmed and just start in your mind. Those nasty negatives will sneak in all the time but you have the power to overcome them and stay positive.

Training your mind is one of the hardest things to do, as is training your physical body, but it can be done through regular positive thought patterns and habits. It takes time to control your thought life and is a battle that you may never totally conquer. But just fighting to win for control for a more positive mindset is a step forward.

Remember your health goals should always simply be consistent forward progress.

Be conscious and aware of the things you think on. Take notice of your thought patterns and the emotional state you’re in while your thoughts are drifting. Refuse to think on things that aren’t real. Anything that is a ‘what if’ or an ‘if only’ is not real or true.

What is real? God is real. God’s Word is real and true and right. And you are real.

You only get one shot at this life and the body you call home. It’s time you start having a bigger purpose behind everything you do. To move, think, live, and be without purpose is the opposite of living!

Here is some cool tips we go to gain and maintain better health.

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