toxic metalsLearning how to detox properly will change your life and health forever. We are exposed to so many chemicals, toxins and heavy metals on a daily basis. These are found in our food, air, water and other things we drink. These things build up and up in our systems until some part of our health finally fails. The body will normally develop some kind of disease or cancer. This is due to high levels of acidity and metals.

The good news is we can absolutely remove all the toxins that are in our system. You and me need to be focused daily on removing these metals to gain and maintain great health. The information in this post with change you life and your loved ones if you let it. You will absolutely learn how to detox the body naturally from almost every thing. Including radiation fall out, mercury, aluminum, barium, manganese, titanium and the list literally goes on and on.

How to detox naturally and effectively

Healing clays have been used by many cultures in the past to rid the human body of toxins. In recent times, healing clays have been forgotten by a great percentage though lately, Bentonite Clay has began gaining massive popularity for both internal and external detoxification.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay was named after the place where it was first discovered, Fort Benton Wyoming. The largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay is located there, its composition is mainly of aged volcanic ash. In the past, many tribes in Central Africa and the Andes used water which had dissolved volcanic ash clay for purposes of dipping their food in it. This was for purposes of keeping their bodies healthy. Nowadays, most alternative medical specialists use it as a means to cure common problems. Bentonite clay has a high concentration of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Potassium, Iron and Sodium.

How can it help to detoxify?
This clay is composed of super charged minerals. When hydrated, its electrical components change and this gives it the ability to absorb toxic materials. Many toxins are positively charged, while the clay is negatively charged, when in contact with the toxins, heavy metals or chemicals. Bentonite Clay absorbs toxin simultaneously while it releases useful minerals into the body for use. This clay is also useful in oxygenation of body cells as it absorbs excess hydrogen from the cells and replaces them with oxygen.

Some benefits

Bentonite Clay has superior Detoxification properties due to its high mineral content. This clay has the ability to rid the body of harmful toxins which may have been ingested, through the use of herbicides, pesticides and other toxins that are sprayed on our food and water supplies.

1.Known to help cure digestive problems such as constipation, bloating and acid reflux.

2.Soothes and cures allergies and other skin problems.

3.Improves skin complexion, especially beneficial in clarifying skin to reduce acne

4. Stimulates hair growth, thereby providing healthy hair for many who have suffered with thin, dull hair.

Methods of application and Use

B clay can be used through a variety of applications. It can be directly added to bath water, ingested orally or made into a paste.

1. Detox bath – chart and video below gives some details on how to do this effectively.

2. A paste of Bentonite Clay and water can be prepared and applied to problem areas on the skin, allow clay to dry and then rinse with warm water.

3.  A full body mask, made by creating a thick paste will help make your skin softer and improve complexion, also this helps heal the body from itching, rashes, burns, blemishes, and cuts. Regular use is important for optimum performance and results.

4. Oral intake, Bentonite clay can be applied to foods by sprinkling a little in juice or a smoothie to assist in digestive problems and diarrhea. It is easy to add to different food types without spoiling your meal. For internal cleansing, take 1/2 to one teaspoonful of clay and stir in a glass of water. Drink this to help improve digestion.

5. Combine clay with a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and massage hair and scalp to improve Ph balance and stimulate hair growth.


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