The best position for moving poop easily

best position for bowl movement








Want better bowl movements? Squat don’t sit.

Devices That Enable You to Squat Easier

As the benefits of squatting have become better known, a number of devices have emerged, designed to help you assume the proper position.

One simple device is a foot stool2 that allows you to get into a more natural squat position without renovating your entire bathroom and converting to a hole in the ground, which is what you’ll find in some non-Western countries.

It’s an inexpensive way to improve your potty posture, and since you’re still sitting on your toilet, virtually anyone can benefit from it, as squatting without support can be a challenge for most who didn’t grow up squatting on a daily basis. It’s definitely a workout for your thighs!

If you have trouble with bowel movements, I highly recommend giving the squat position a try.

There’s compelling evidence suggesting the Western toilet is at least in part responsible not only for constipation and hemorrhoids, but also more severe health problems like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), appendicitis, and even heart attacks—caused by the disruption of blood flow and straining.

Dr. Mercola

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