Constipation is like the most miserable thing in the world. I have experienced it a few times and I know how awful you all feel! I’m going to explain to you briefly and right to the point what causes constipation and the only, yes only, home remedy that can cure and relieve this crap. (Literally)

What causes constipation?

Gut flora is jacked up! That is it! Very simple! Don’t let anyone or anything complicate this for you. If you keep it simple you will have perfect results and total control over your stomach from this read on.

Trust me! This info is God Sent if your looking for relief. Which I bet you are.  I have been in your shoes and have learned a lot over the years and years of study fitness and natural health.

I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to cure and flatten my stomach and what I do to maintain it now and in the future.

So the home remedy is: Probiotics

Probiotics is a natural occurring live bacteria that your tummy all ready creates on it’s own. But today’s environment, food air and many other factors destroys our good bacteria. So it is crucial for our health that we supplement this. At all ages! Kid through Senior.

This is also the secret to flat tummies and weight loss if your like them perks as well.

home remedy for constipationThe reason I recommend this fortify over the rest is because I use it and it works.

  • The capsule is made from vegetables.
  • There is no added coloring dyes.
  • Nature’s Way is one of the world’s leading natural
    supplements company. There are focused on quality
    and avoid added substances that is harmful to us. Most companies just want to sell sell and give 2 craps about me and you. Only dollars is important to them.
  • The capsule makes it all the way to the intestines before releasing the goodness. Right where we need it most.

Instructions for naturally curing constipation is:

  1. Get on this probiotic like yesterday! Amazon has the best price. I have searched.
  2. Take 3 times a day preferably after a meal but if you don’t eat 3 times a day take it any how. It’s just more effective after eating something. Do this for a month.
  3. Spring water. Get a good quality spring water and drink up!

That’s it! Simple right? Nah, it can’t be this simple.. Your crazy.. Is that what your thinking? Just do it and see for yourself.

You will start making a difference in as little as 24 hours!

You now know how to naturally cure constipation and it will work.

Directions If you would like to take this to the next level 😉

  1. Avoid over cooked red meat.
  2. Drop the dairy. No milk or cheese.
  3. Use decaffeinated coffee because coffee is a diuretic and actually cause constipation by removing water from your intestines. 
  4. Eat a table spoon of organic coconut oil couple times a day.

Good luck to you and happy pooping! Your welcome! lol

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