A Holistic Approach Should Never Be an Alternative But Should Be The Main and Foremost

What is holistic and what does it mean?

God made the earth and all that’s in it. Everything always works best for our bodies if we don’t tamper with his creations. This is where modern medicine is completely off track. Which you probably already know what I am getting at here. Why take a piece of a natural botanical, synthesize it, patent it and use to treat an illness or disease? To make money and hold control of a market.

Well, I say give the people the original botanical, untouched and organic and watch how much better it works in the body. But see this makes sense! Not only would it be cheaper but people would actually get well! Resulting in healing all naturally.

Make it a part of your life

As for me and my whole family. We are very focused on what the creator intended things to be for our bodies and we are always of good health. Our holistic alternative is not an alternative. Modern medicine is.

I do not want the synthetics in my children and refuse to be part of this worlds misconceptions of what good health is and how to maintain it. My daughters are literally hardly ever sick. Heck my youngest hasn’t seen a doctor since she was born and she is never sick. If she does catch something I handle it all naturally and it is usually gone in a day or two.

Holistically is always the best approach in my eyes. I have seen numerous times where this method works and the other alternative just doesn’t.

Here is a list of things that you might find useful when it comes to moving you and yours towards a holistic approach to gaining and maintaining great optimal health.

Holistic Approach Check List:

  1. Spring water only. No tap water or distilled. Your body wants the minerals that are in spring water.
  2. Try to eat mostly raw food through out the day. It’s actually said that 55% or more of our daily foods should be uncooked vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  3. In my opinion, avoid anything with fructose in it. I have seen significant health gains in folks who have moved away from this. It’s synthetic and our bodies can’t simulate this and it floods our bodies like a toxin. This is abundant in pops and breads. Avoid avoid
  4. Give your self time every morning to focus on your approach to the day. This will put your mind in the right state to deal with stress and what ever else is thrown at you. My wife and I use this time to focus on God and read our Bibles. This gives us time to hear what He has to say before starting our day.
  5. Nutritionally speaking this is going to be the most important of the tips listed here. You most find an organic, holistic answer to getting enough nutrition daily so your body has the tools it needs to over come. I will show you what me and my family uses in just a sec.

The reason this is so important is because food now a days is greatly nutrient deficient! Even the FDA has the recommended daily servings of vegetables set to 13 now. Wow! Who can eat this much food? I can’t. I bet you that 13 isn’t even close to being enough. To learn more on the quality of our food watch the movie Food Matters” if you haven’t already. Another great one is “Hunger For Change”. Another thing to keep in mind is that It is being said that over 55% of our daily food consumption should be raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. This can be real hard to accomplish, I know.

100% Organic Nutrition With Over 90 Nutrients

Thank goodness there is a single nutrition that answers the need for so many different vitamins and nutrients and is 100% Kosher Certified organic. Nutrition companies never provide products that are labeled organic or that they can say absorbs to the cell level. Where it’s needed most. Simply put, our bodies recognizes this as being food.

This nutrition gives your body the tools it needs to perform at an optimal level. It can be found featured on our home page. In the SmartMix there is literally 92+ nutrients at 200% – 600% a daily value!
The SuperMix, the newest product and is the one that we use. It is twice as strong and I like the taste even better.

You can actually feel this nutrition start working in as little as 4 days. Even in an already pretty healthy body. This saves our family so much money on supplementation cause we can split one pack between 2 daughters and sometimes my wife and I split ours.

Here’s a Thought

As far as a natural holistic approach to nutrition, there isn’t a more powerful more complete supplement on the planet that works like these Moringa products do. I have searched high and low. They don’t exist! These supplements absolutely work and work very well.

Once you have your own testimonies, plz stop back and let us hear the news! We love getting emails from our readers on what this natural nutrition has done for them!

Here’s to our health and well being!

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