take care of your bodyThe way that the world thinks about personal health and fitness is completely backwards and skewed because it needs to start on the inside of us and work it’s way out.

Writing these posts for this blog has challenged me to think outside of my own experiences. I realized that perhaps there are people who don’t want to try to improve their health. Maybe you’ve tried so many times before that you’ve decided to stop trying. I can understand that. It’s easier staying there.

So why try?

Why try to gain better health?

When you try to change you get challenged and when you are challenged you become uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is not easy. So why try to live outside your comforts?

This post could be about the many physical benefits of eating healthy and regularly exercising, because that should be a main motivator for everyone to try to improve their health. However, there’s so much info out there on this, I’m not going to state the common facts here. If you live in our world surely you’ve heard about the physical importance of eating healthy and exercising. But just eating right and exercising is actually worldly and temporary because our body is worldly and temporary. There’s more to health than that. That’s why using this as a sole motivating factor often leads to many failed attempts.

My approach will come from a higher perspective. Living healthier doesn’t have anything to do with obtaining a certain size or physical appearance. This is never about getting skinny or having less fat. It’s about being healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically so you can fulfill your God given purpose in this life every day. I strongly feel that our Spiritual growth will be stunted if we waste away and trash the physical being that God has gifted to you.

Health starts in the mind and Spirit as I’ve stated before. That means disease lives in the same way. The mind, body, and Spirit are all connected and if one is diseased, they all will be. This is why step one is to change the way you think and perceive yourself. Read my previous posts to see more detail on that.

Your human body was created by God. There are no mistakes in your being. Your body is a gift from God to be treasured and well lived in while we have it. If you don’t have a personal relationship with our Creator God then everything you do will be out of temporary and selfish ambition and much harder to break through the negative cycles. You have to have a higher purpose and vision to live beyond this world and for the eternal life that’s to come.

Here’s a thought to ponder; how many other things, besides your human body, can you say you’ll only get to have just one of? I can’t think of anything else right now. Seriously, if you can think of something please make a comment with it. You can always get more possessions, more chances, more relationships, and more time if God allows. But your physical body is pretty much the only thing in life that you’ll only get to have just one of.

So can’t you see how precious, valuable, and fragile your body is then? Because it’s a gift from God, and you only get one, you better choose to maintain your body very well. To waste it, fill it with trash, and not try to take care of it is a blatant disrespect to God and shows your loved ones they shouldn’t have to respect you much either. After all, if you don’t respect yourself, it’ll be harder for others to do the same.

Now if you’re a woman, you are needed by others. We are created to be helpers of mankind. I’m sure you know this well. We are caretakers of many people and have a lot of duties that fall on us daily. Your neglect to take control of your self will hinder your ability to take care of others who depend on you. Your life will be less than pleasing to God and others.

Self-Control is the character trait we need to focus on to win this battle for physical health. It’s the ability to restrain, check, discipline, master, command, and say NO to your selfish desires. Self-Control says NO to what your mind and body want in order to give it what it needs so you can live a healthier fuller life. It starts with discipline. Exercising is physical discipline that will help improve all areas of your life.

So why try? Because when you exercise it creates an inner strength that is built through outward physical discipline. It builds strength and endurance physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can better overcome all sorts of battles this life may throw at you. Being physically disciplined gives you the strength and knowledge to gain control of your inner self which will cause us to have deeper and healthier relationships with God, ourselves, and others. Always remember, it’s not about perfection but about progress.

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