You are about to learn some stuff you have never heard before and this will completely change the way you think about nutrition and how important it truly is!

Take your time reading this post and looking around our blog. You will see what Zija is all about and other awesome health tips that will change your life if you let it.

My name is Joe my wife’s name is Kori and we are very glad your here.

If it’s gaining better health and or learning how to assist the body in preventing disease and other illnesses then we can definitely show you the right path. Zija is not all we use, as your going to see, but it is a very large part of daily regimen.

We are going to give you some guidance that I am sure could change your life. But you have to want to know.

I promise you after reading a little further you will be asking yourself, “why doesn’t my doctor tell me about this kind of stuff?” And the answer is, they don’t understand it either!

Check this out. My wife and I have been through a lot and it has taught us so much.

We truly just want to see as many people as possible learn these life changing techniques and health tips.

This will change the way you look at nutrition, medicine and over all health I guarantee!

There is nothing more important to you then your family and their over all health!

Trust me, we completely understand and this is our hearts desire as well.

This is going to be awesome for you and I am excited that you have found our blog.

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After you read through this short post you will understand why I would love to help you in any way I can.

Click contact above if something needs to be clarified or explained a little better. It’s cool!

You can do this and we can help you reach your goals. We have learned a lot of what works and what doesn’t and you can benefit from this.

I have always have been interested in nutrition, natural health and weight lifting, running etc. But what I was thrown into I could never imagine was right around the corner. And really just to early in life. Or so I thought. I’m going to lay out the time span and what my family and I went through here.

I am not looking for any sympathy because I know you all have your own problems and we are all in this together. Its just the situations in my life really become the fuel that drove me to become extremely passionate about wanting some serious answers!

The answers to why we get sick? What causes these cancers or health issues and what can I learn from them? How can I give the body what it needs to heal naturally and better yet, how can we prevent these things from happening at all!

My mother

Early in my relationship with my wife we had this wonderful woman that influenced our lives daily and in so many ways. She taught us how to love each other and raise our young girls. She taught us to love Jesus with all our hearts. She held us accountable for immature mistakes which lead us to grow into a strong couple who loves everything about life. She was truly our best friend.

In early 2007 my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. Small cell lung carcinoma. She had other issues prior to this tho. Like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These things seemed so minimal at the time because of the way it was just played down as being a normal part of life.

Which ultimately I know now is straight bull.

You will learn through other posts on this site why I feel that way but I’m going to try to save some time for now.

She went through so much torture via radiation treatments and chemo. I was searching the internet frantically for anything that could help save her life.

I searched everything on Google like natural cures for cancer, cure cancer, treat cancer naturally etc. I read and read and read. I didn’t sleep for days on end. I was desperate to help my mother!

Long story short, she passed away on March 12th 2008 due to congestive heart failure caused by the radiation blasts to her chest. She didn’t die from the cancer itself. But she would of eventually tho.

Perfect example of, only if I knew then what I know now. She would of absolutely had a different out come.

See, chemo and radiation causes your body to be extremely acidic. Which absolutely spreads cancer growth big time. And it had spread all through her at this point. 🙁

My father

Doctors told me it was likely that he was sick way before my mother was but being a man he just brushed off all signs of anything as nothing… My dad was diagnose with esophagus cancer in January of 2010 and passed away on April 16th 2010. Just a few months later. He was a great man who loved his grand-kids and loved just hanging with us.

He was in deep depression after my mother died and cried for her even up till the day he passed. My dad passed away due to septic shock caused by the radiation blowing a hole in his intestine. He did not die from the cancer, yet again, which was at this point now spread through his whole body and brain.

My wife had a lung collapse….

God answered our prayers through some close friends with Zija

Here is my wife’s testimony with the Zija products in her words.

I know this nutrition saved my life!

This is my very real experience with this nutrition.
I’m going to try to make a long story short…

Back in Feb. 2011 I had a lung spontaneously collapse. This resulted in emergency surgeries, a week long hospital stay, and loads of tests, drugs, and pain. I was told that I was a very healthy 31 yr old and I would heal quickly.

6 weeks later I had become dependent on my pain meds and unable to function without them. I had painful inflammation in the lining of my lung and a continual infection that weeks of antibiotics wasn’t healing.

Weekly X-rays and CT scans overloaded me with radiation and showed a remaining small collapse that surgery didn’t fix.

My blood pressure was low, I became anemic, and all these antibiotics wasn’t clearing the infection. It was drastically getting worse.

Nothing was helping and this bacteria had grown to the point that I actually was bleeding inside my chest cavity.

This was when my Pulmonologist suggested that I be referred to Ohio State University to have the infection surgically removed from the ribs and off my already very sensitive lung.

You can imagine the depression, anxiety, and grief my husband and kids had to endure with me.

We prayed for a miracle knowing God has all the answers.

This was about the time that one of my husbands life long friends gave me a 5 day sample of Zija’s Smart Mix. Of course we were very skeptical, but at this point we were desperate and willing to try almost anything to avoid surgery again.

Brian told us this was a very unique, extremely nutrient dense all natural and organic. I’ve been a Fitness Professional for 10 years and knew the importance of eating organically for the best nutrition.

My first day on Zija I felt like I had a little more energy.

My 2nd day I felt happier and had a little more energy.

On the 3rd day I woke my husband to show him I could take in a deep breath with no pain, wheezing, or coughing. I could move my shoulder in a full range of motion and I had been able to get up out of bed without his assistance for the first time in weeks!

By the 5th day I felt just amazing! I no longer needed any pain meds to function and we hurried to order more.

With God’s grace and my new found daily nutritional supplement I continued to get better very quickly.

I never had to have that 2nd surgery and went on to fully recover!

My lung healed itself, blood pressure balanced, and iron levels normalized.

Best of all, the pain had disappeared and I was able to return back to teaching group fitness after just 2 weeks of using this amazing nutrition!

Did this nutrition save my life? I absolutely convinced!

I might not have died from my health issue, but it had completely killed my quality of life and Zija gave it back to me!

This is an absolute blessing and everyone needs to know about this!

Since this, my husband and I have helped hundreds of people gain the quality of health that is so desired and they deserve.

I thank God for bringing this into our lives when we needed it most!

We would love to help you gain better health as well. Joe and I are passionate about helping you with nutrition, fitness, and over all well-being. It’s what we did before Zija, and this is what we’ll do the rest of our lives.

God Bless,
Kori Leavers

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Wild huh? And 100% true. So, you can see why I grew passionate about this nutrition and passionate about networking marketing. I wanted to share this with the world. Everyone needed to know about what this nutrition can help a body accomplish.

A more precise descriptive of the Zija products and why this moringa works.

What is Zija and why is the nutrition source so unique.

This has been nothing short of a blessing

This is a product that answers so many nutritional needs for folks and truly delivers nutrition where we need it most. From any kind of pain suffers to even some of the most chronic conditions. Our bodies needs whole food natural nutrition. Not synthetic multivitamins.
3rd party unbiased real research here on Moringa.

Zija has patents on unique packing which secures nutrient density and shelf-life. This is huge because any and all nutrition starts losing it’s nutritional content almost immediately after harvest.

Don’t waste your money on dead Moringa products from health food stores. There is no way the nutrition is live after sitting weeks or months on a shelf.

A nutrition that is absolutely bettering our health and our children’s health. Complete organic nutrition from A-Z, 92+ nutrients. There is nothing missing from the equation. Cell level delivered nutrition. There isn’t a product base out there that can touch it. I have dug and researched this to be absolutely true.

I found something in Zija that I could share with the world that answered so many needs! The results people are having with these products alone, in so many different areas of their lives, is flat out unbelievable! I love this nutrition and the way God intended it to work in a body.

Zija does use MLM or network marketing – if you will, to introduce this nutrition to folks. All this did is make it easier to get the word out. Testimonies speak volumes! Zija has hundreds of thousands of repeat monthly customers who each could give a life changing reviews of what this has done for them or someone they know.

After having these experiences I began to understand somethings

I want to be able to tell every single person I can the information I have in my head. So what I do is talk with as many people who will listen. I can help you prevent or heal the body naturally from so many different ailments. God made you perfectly, we just need the right tools to work with. It truly is that simple.

I have researched everything I can get my hands on and continue to do so when it comes to disease cancer etc. From what causes it to what cures it.

What does the body need to sustain great health. What does the body need to self heal. For instance if a body has a healthy PH balance cancer can’t spread or grow!

Also, cancer cells can be starved just by learning what to avoid in our diets and avoiding things that feed the cancer.

Zija is not the only thing we use but it is a very powerful start if your needing help asap. It gives your body all the nutrition it needs. That’s it. Just as important we need to focus on natural detoxing. Very important here. Listen up! Get the good in and get bad out.

Note: We should all be conscious of naturally detoxing the body from metals and toxins all day every day. Weather we are sick or healthy. You want to stay healthy and avoid cancer and other illnesses don’t miss this boat. Your health depends on it!

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