Researchers have known for awhile that where the fat is stored in the body determines the health of the person. Fat stores near the chest or in the trunk of the body are far more dangerous than fat stored in the butt or the hips.

Fat in the hips “… keeps the fatty acids away from the heart, the arteries, and the liver to lower your risk of heart disease and other debilitating problems like diabetes. Since your body is ultimately programmed to decide whether to store the fat in the butt region or the stomach region, it is said that, in women, the hormones that direct and distribute fat are actually doing this to protect the heart by building up the buttocks.”

You see butts are getting a lot of attention in the media these days, but did you know that your butt has a lot more to say about your health than you might think? All too often, people focus on overall weight and are focused on cleaning out the junk in their trunk so they can be in an optimal weight. While obesity is a growing problem throughout the nation due to unhealthy diets and a lack of physical activity, studies show that you may actually be more healthy than your counterparts if your fat is strategically stored in your lower half.

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