18 Plant Based Amino Acids Is Where The Real Relief and Faster Gains Are!

Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is caused from extreme exercise or weight lifting and you probably did it to yourself on purpose. Am I right? It’s cool, I do the same about 5 times a week for about 18 years now. You work hard to get good results. No pain, no gain, right? If you didn’t get sore then you did something wrong or didn’t have to try harder next time.

All this sore muscles can slow down your every day. And heck, just hurts like hell. You know what I’m talking about here. When you have to ask your girlfriend to help you get your shirt or jacket on. I feel your pain.

A natural treatment for sore muscles

As you already aware of normal muscle fatigue, delayed onset muscle soreness, can last up to 3 to 4 days and take a day to really come on. If you are new to lifting it can last even longer than that. Well, that used to be the case for me as well but I came across this very unique nutrition drink. Let me tell you why this is so unique.

  • Has all 18 Amino Acids. Which are the building blocks for muscle and obviously for quick recovery it’s a most. I used to pay $120 a month for just 3 different aminos. Not any more. See a descriptive of Amino Acids and there functions in the body here.
  • This is 200% – 1200% our daily value! Amazing amount of nutrition for the money. It’s crazy!
  • 1 plant source 100% organic! This is the nutrition our bodies require to be healthy in the first place and to truly overcome muscle fatigue.
  • Being an all natural supplement also means it is 100% absorbed at the cell level! You do not have to wonder if your getting everything you need from this supplement. you can rest assure. It’s whole food to the body!

I was looking how to relieve sore muscles every day and was trying tons of different sore muscle treatments and it boiled down to this understanding. Once I took grasp of this and put the knowledge to a test, not only did I shorten my recovery time down to 1 to 2 days but I my body started responding in other ways I didn’t know was even possible.

I started leaning down quicker with less effort. My muscle became more dense and growth and gains started becoming a reality. My energy level is through the roof. My joint pain is gone. Back pain is diminished and almost gone as well. I am off all the synthetic supplements. Which I have since learned has been actually hindering my health and muscle growth instead of doing it good.

You have heard proper nutrition is the best answer but you could never answer this need with food because not only is it impossible to eat every thing we need daily. But the cost would be outrageous!

Here’s the answer to shortening the recovery of fatigued and sore muscles naturally

With the products I use muscle recovery is never more than 2 days for me. What I do is mix one of the Energy and one SuperMix together and drink it down 20 minutes before working out. (This would be plenty, either one would be enough nutrition to do the job) After I drink another SuperMix or just a SmartMix directly after. I usually take it with me to the gym. Now this is quite a bit. Just one of these supplements answers EVERYTHING I need as a weight lifter. I just go a little over board sometimes. Mostly when I find some thing that works and works well I get kinda excited!

It truly is results without the steroids. It’s extremely healthy for you and does so much more for your body than just feeding the muscle. This nutrition I am speaking of can be found on my home page.

Literally this nutrition has taken muscle recovery to the next level for me and the thousands of others who have tried it. Not only that, but I am saving literally hundreds of dollars a month now on supplements and groceries. This answers everything you need. All I want to ask is if you decide to try it out for a month that you do it from our home page since we introduced it to you. We appreciate the support and will continue to write for you on the benefits of using natural supplements in comparison to synthetics.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is real and it doesn’t have to last as long as your used to.

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