coconut oil pulling benefitsI had been seeing this all over the place how coconut oil pulling offered benefits like curing and naturally healing gum issues, toothaches, cavities and more! There is a ton of research that backs this up.

So of coarse my wife and I wanted to give this a try. I got to say. This is just awesome! Our teeth feel healthier. Gums are stronger and sensitivities to hots or colds is a thing of the past. They even look quite a bit whiter.

Listen up. There is tons of research to prove the fact that dental and gum health plays an enormous part in our over all health. It even suggests that poor dental health increases the bodies chances of developing chronic heart disease and cancers.

So this a very serious matter that you and I should not be taking lightly. Just plain brushing and flossing will NOT give us the benefits like oil pulling coconut oil!

Now, how to oil pull properly

The best time to do this is first thing in the morning. While you make your coffee is a good time! First of make sure the coconut that you will be using is organic! You can get this at a local health food store. Or if you have any problems finding it let me know and I will get it for you.

Take about a half of a teaspoon swish this around for about 10 or 12 minutes. (I go for around 10 myself. I am always in a hurry for some reason every single morning. 🙂 Maybe it’s cause I like to sleep so much.) You can swish longer if you’d like, it just increases the benefits.Do not gargle the coconut. Just try to consciously swish and pull through all areas of your teeth and gums.

Never swallow the oil cause it is going to be full of toxins and live bacteria ect. Yuk! Mine I spit in the toilet. I don’t even want it in our sinks.

Immediately after it’s a very good idea to swish with hydrogen peroxide or an organic mouth rinse to just remove any other loose bacteria that’s in the mouth still. Now, brush them pearly whites and go about your day!

Here’s the facts folks…

Most folks are noticing improvements in there teeth immediately and other health benefits in as short as a week or 2 from starting oil pulling with coconut. You will notice full over all health benefits I promise you. This even alleviates almost instantly sinus infections.The benefits are truly numerous.

This is an easy and cheap way to heal the teeth and gums all naturally and promote great health by lowering our risk of chronic illness or disease.

I hoped you enjoyed this! If so, please share!

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