4. Provides Oxygen to the Whole Body

water benefits all aspecs of our bodies

Water is an essential part of our life and drinking enough water during the day can help you maintain your hydration levels along with providing a host of mental and physical benefits.

Since most part of our body is made up of water, we require water to be present always in our body to carry out all the regular activities in our body like digestion, absorption, blood circulation, nutrient distribution and also to maintain a normal body temperature.

With the help of your pituitary gland, a communication is sent from the brain to the kidney about how much amount of urine should excrete now and how much you can retain, and during a single urination, you tend to lose a percentage of water. This feeling also develops or triggers a thirst mechanism, which turns on the bodies “I’m thirsty signals”.

For our lymphatic system to work properly and to help assist with removing heavy metals from the body, you intake of water has to be constant. And do not drink tap or distilled. Remember to reap the full benefits of drinking water everyday it most be spring.

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