always worn out tiredAre you feeling like your always worn out and just drained completely?

Have you tried different multivitamins and adjusting your diet and it still seems to be getting worse. Are you scared that it might be an undetermined health condition?

I am going to explain to you what is probably causing this extreme fatigue and what you can do about it starting today.

The cause of your fatigue and probably dark circles.

You are metal toxic and your thyroid is probably being effected from all of it. We all are combating these toxins. And here’s why.

We are exposed to so many toxins every day. Right? I’m sure your aware. But do you really understand how serious this is? Metals like aluminum, fluoride, barium which is radio active, titanium, cadmium, mercury and many many others that are supposed to be at minimal levels are now at sky rocketing levels.

Google ‘geoengeneering’ once.

These toxins are in our food, air, water and soil. We can not avoid this all together. But we can give it a real good try to avoid as much as we can. Pretty nasty stuff here. And this is the reason for our fatigue. This is probably the most serious issue concerning our health that we need to be focused on daily. Yes, it’s inconvenient as heck but just being aware can mean everything.

Do another Google search on this and see for yourselves. Google something like “metals in our air and water” or “metal toxicity”. This should get you going. Also is a great place to find literal research by Mike Adams. (He is the only author on this site that I think knows what he’s talking about. There are many other authors.) I won’t go into all the details on this post. Just be aware this is what’s wearing you and me down.

These metals don’t naturally just leave the body on their own! It will continue to build up unless we do something about it.

They literally build up in our system and cause us to become sicker and sicker. They spike our acidic levels which makes us more assessable to cancer and all other disease. You see, an acidic body is a tired, dark eyed waiting for illness kind of environment. Then all the artificial sugars out there and high fructose corn syrup, wheat and soy feed this and also feeds cancer.

Also, metals and other toxins are extremely hard on our thyroids.

A healthy body with a balanced pH gives our bodies an environment where cancer can’t thrive and grow.

So here is the goal you should set for yourself! 

Get the toxins out and balance the bodies pH levels.Get your thyroid in check and back to tip top shape naturally.

Doing this is not really that difficult but it does take some getting used to and a little research. But I can help you get started on the fast track to getting back control of your health.

Symptoms of metal toxicity and thyroid problems

  • unexplained headaches
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • problems with menstrual issues
  • aching bones and or joints
  • digestive issues of all kinds
  • metal taste in your mouth
  • dark circles or greenish around or under eyes
  • pale skin
  • looking older then you actually are
  • the inability to lose weight
  • brain feeling foggy, not able to remember things well (which can lead to early onset of Alzheimer disease)
  • frequently getting colds or the flu
  • general allergies to foods or wild life
  • and many others

Sound like you or someone you know?

Of course it does. Pretty much everyone you and I know.. It was me to at one time as well.

A way to test for toxicity is through a hair mineral analysis. You can do a search for this as well on Google and find a lot of ideas.You might want to check with your doctor or a local nutritionist to get this done.

Your doctor will a lot of times tell you he’s not able to help with this because they just don’t see it as the issue that it really is. It’s sad that modern medicine doesn’t embrace real natural cures and nutrition for what it is.

Now, how to get the toxins out

What my family uses is Bentonite clay daily. About a teaspoon a day. Sometimes I take it twice a day. Bentonite clay works because it has a negative electrical charge, attracting positively charged toxins. Pretty much all toxins and metals are going to have a positive charge.

This makes it possible for the clay to drag these toxins out of the body through the urinary track and stool. You can also add this to your bath water for a detox bath.
Read more about this life saving clay here.

The family and I also uses an ionic foot machine to help detox metals from the body. This seems to be very helpful. Also, we use himalayan salt lamps around the house and as night lights. This is to help give a more negative charged environment.

Some helpful hints to avoid the toxins and keep pH balanced

  • Drink lots of spring water. Avoid tap water and distilled water as drinking waters. They can and will cause the body to be acidic and the body doesn’t detox properly in this state. It becomes like a toxic magnet. The distilled is going to be fine to cook with. But a good pH in spring water is some where around 7.5. I had our spring water source tested and now we stay with what we know. I test it like once a year. It costs me $35 dollars to have done.
  • Try to buy organic whenever possible. This does not mean your are avoiding metals. I do a little research on every food source that we seem to buy frequently from. You would be surprised what you find about if you look.
  • Give your body all the nutrients and vitamins and it really does require to be healthy. Don’t miss this!
    Lots of dark greens or whole food supplements. My family and thousands of others use Zija. It’s not the cheapest thing in the world but by far the most powerful whole food supplement available.
    Read more on what Zija is here.
  • Avoid GMO’s at all costs. Do research on what this is. I will have a couple posts coming on this asap.
  • Stay away from sugar and pop. Which I call liquid death. And start drinking more juices. Check the source out.
  • Avoid baked items. White flours and such.
  • Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup and all non-organic corn products. Or products that have corn / syrup in them.
  • Try to stay away from gluten and wheat. Pretty much all wheat is going to be high in metals and pesticides and gluten is pretty hard for the body to simulate and it causes other issues and hinders the immune system.
  • Himalayan salt daily instead of table salt. Through the table salt away now.  There are tons of natural minerals here and this salt is very good for your health. With all this detoxing removing all the metals. We need to use good salts and spring water to put the good minerals back in.
  • Apple cider vinegar is awesome for balancing pH and much more. Here is more on apple cider vinegar benefits.

Summary on all this

Lot’s to learn here I know. But it gets you going in the right direction. Get out the toxins and naturally start curing extreme fatigue amongst other highly serious issues that come with being metal toxic. Get this information in you and let it change you. If you do what is posted here you will start curing the body and immediately start seeing much higher energy levels and all other symptoms will start to subside. You will become full of vitality and life again. Just like you felt at a young age. Like gaining your youth back! It won’t happen over night. But it will happen!

If you have a question, just ask. I am serious about wanting to be of help to you and your family.

Keep an eye on my posts because there is always a lot more to come and I am always finding useful things for us to dig into.

Some more on thyroid issues and symptoms.

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